epiphany by by Laura Schatzkin

Epiphany (c) 2015
16″ x 19″
Gouache on wood panel

I created this piece for the annual members show at Berkeley Art Center. It’s mixed media on wood veneer. I don’t know what kind of wood — maybe maple? — it is but it has a wonderful golden color. I didn’t use any gesso and painted directly on the wood. This meant I had to paint several layers of gouache before the color was as vibrant as I wanted. I’m really pleased with how the wood adds so much dimension this work.

I chose the title Epiphany because it appears to me that she is coming to a profound realization. This realization is so strong and the thought is so weighty that she has to support her head with her hand, and there is energy emerging from subconscious or dream source as well as her erotic source.

My work tends not to be explicitly erotic even though there is much nakedness. Yet erotic feelings are very powerful and and compelling. The erotic and the subconscious are strongly linked; both are primal, both places beyond words.

There is also a strange, distorted eagle’s claw emerging from her braid, and an orange cat traversing her arm. I’ve yet to discover the meaning of these images.