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2023 Salon des Refusés, Four Chicken Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2023 Beginning: New History and Artistic Growth, BlueStream Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2023 All About Women, Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA, juried by Lori Austin
2023 50 or Older, Las Lagunas Art Gallery, Las Lagunas, CA
2023 A Fine Line, Rhode Island Watercolor Society, Pawtucket RI, juried by Karen Harris and Lois Harada
2023 Pride is Not a Crime, Helvella Art, Oakland
2023 East Bay Open Studios group exhibition, Uptown Station, Oakland
2023 East Bay Open Studios, “The Animal in Me”, Farley’s East, Oakland
2023 ArtSpan 2023 Juried Benefit Art Auction, 111 Minna, San Francisco, various jurors
2023 Art & Ecology (online), O’Hanlan Center for the Arts, Mill Valley CA, juried by Obi Kaufmann
2023 Climate Change: Protecting Mother Earth, San Francisco Women Artists, juried by Danielle Siembieda
2023 For the Love of Birds, MONCA, Chico CA, juried by staff
2023 The Tiny Show, Pence Gallery, Davis CA
2022-23 Not Yet Extinct series, ArtSpan Art in Neighborhoods, Cumaica Café, San Francisco
2022 ArtSpan SFOS Showcase Exhibition, San Francisco
2022 ArtSpan SFOS, Café Alma, San Francisco
2022 In My Backyard, GearBox Gallery, Oakland, juried by Joyce Gordon and Eric Murphy of Joyce Gordon Gallery
2022 Art Auction, Pence Gallery, Davis CA
2022 Bioneers Conference, San Francisco
2022 Invitational Exhibition, 4th Street Fine Art, Berkeley, juried by members
2022 Strength of Women, RBA Creative, Oakland
2022 Undomesticated, Gallery One, Ellensburg, Washington, juried by Jane Kim of Ink Dwell
2022 Women Rising, The Drawing Room, San Francisco
2022 FloRa and FauNa Exhibit 2022, juried, Red Bluff Art Gallery / Online
2022 Tides of Change, The Drawing Room, San Francisco
2022 6 x 6, Grants Pass Museum of Art, Grants Pass, Oregon
2022 Embrace, A Juried Exhibition, 4th Street Fine Art, Berkeley, juried by Celena Peet
2021 ArtSpan SFOS Showcase Exhibition, Juror’s Choice Amplify Award, San Francisco, juried by Randolph Belle
2021 ArtSpan Open Studios, Oakland
2021 East Bay Open Studios, Oakland
2020 Kids & Art Fundraiser: Featured Artist, San Francisco / Online
2017 RBA Creative, Oakland
2017 The Gallery @ Panorama, “Wooden Icons” (solo), Oakland
2017 The New East Bay Open Studios, Oakland
2016 Berkeley Art Center, “Here”, Berkeley
2016 Berkeley Art Party, Berkeley
2015 Berkeley Art Center, “Here”, Berkeley
2015 ProArts East Bay Open Studios, Oakland
2015 EBOS Preview Exhibition, ProArts Gallery, Oakland
2014 Berkeley Art Center, “Here”, Berkeley
2014 Peter Thomas, “Mythology Series” (solo), Berkeley
2012 Tech Liminal, “Loss” (solo), Oakland
1999 Grant Street Gallery, San Francisco
1990 “Other Foot In The Door”, Minneapolis Institute of the Arts, Minneapolis
1989 “Configurations”, Security Pacific, Los Angeles (Review in L.A. Times)
1988 The Emerging Collector, New York

Awards & Memberships

Member, National Museum of Women in the Arts & ArtSpan SF

2021 ArtSpan SFOS Showcase Exhibition, Juror’s Choice Amplify Award, San Francisco, juried by Randolph Belle

Art Sales

2021 Holiday Sale, 1890 Bryant Studios, San Francisco
2021 Art Pop-up, Caffe 817, Oakland
2016 Art Night SF, San Francisco

Retail Sources

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Diversity in all forms creates more stability and vibrancy in the world. The complexity and amazing details of the natural world is nothing short of exuberant. One example: peacock feathers. That don’t need to be all that. And yet they are. They are because nature likes being flamboyant.

I was taught that nature was all about the expanding the least amount of energy to preserve life. In this vein, sex is just about procreation. Pigmentation, shape, size are all purely functional. This isn’t true at all. Nature likes having many forms of expression. We can see it ourselves that it isn’t utilitarian. Bird song, tropical fish, antlers — they go way beyond utility.

I am in the process of sloughing off these wrong ideas I was taught. Nature is diverse, complex, vivid & exuberant. That includes humans. That includes all of us. 

My work celebrates this truth.


When I was five years old, I would tell people I was going to be a deer when I grew up. I was very embarrassed when I realized you had to stay a human your whole life. That’s when I switched to my second choice: to be an artist. Throughout my childhood I love drawing and painting and was always trying to improve my skills.

I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area just after college, which felt like coming home. The natural surroundings have been a strong influence on my life and my art. I initially pursued an art career for about a decade but then decided I did not want to sell my art, as it was too personal. Many years later I completely changed my mind on this. I am now possessed by a strong desire to get my art out into the world. I would like my art to bring beauty, thoughtfulness and inspiration to as many people as possible.

Artemis Schatzkin at EBOS 2023 with two of her works, Flip and Sea Pig