Gay! The Animals

A Biological Exuberance

In American and other Western cultures, we’ve historically held a myth that queerness in unnatural. In this myth, there are only two immutable genders and sex is only for procreation. In truth, same-sex attraction is widespread and well-documented among other non-human animals. So are transgender changes and sexual activity without procreation.

In my research, I’ve learned that mallard ducks commonly have same-sex pairing both male and females. I learned that Spotted hyenas live in a strict matrilineal society, and that females have unusual genitals; of of this challenges the concept of strict sexual dimorphism. I’ve also found out about whiptail lizards, who are all female and procreate asexually yet still engage in sexual behavior.

My goal in this series is to debunk and disempower the tired and false paradigm that queerness is unnatural — in fact, the whole world is naturally queerer than we know. Our past repressed or denied this truth, but our future will embrace it.

16″ x 20″: $400
9″ x 12″: $200